Welcome To American


Since we are lacking a workforce in the United States, why are we not welcoming those willing to work?

Who’s not working in America now? We have some here that are too lazy to work. Then we have those that are disabled that cannot work. Some are students that are busy getting an education. Others are stay at home parents raising their children. Many have many retired since the beginning of the pandemic.

So many, Americans are not working right now, this is causing there to be many open jobs, and it’s hurting each one of us financially.

There are people coming to our country seeking asylum willing to work. Why would people complain about this?

The Pros out weigh the Cons.

Lets get production moving.

Lets get items back on our shelves.

Lets keep business open

We need to get the supply chain moving again.

This will help with our economy.

I don’t understand why anyone would have an issue with this?

We need help.

Let get Our Country Up And Running Again