Trying to get them out OF

Berkeley County Government seems to be to support having 1776RM removed from the Lot. Unfortunately, the owner of the lot has told him that 1776 IS NOT paying the Rent!!

Unfortunately, the few tents there don’t make it considered a campground.

For the camp to be considered a campground: 3 RV/Campers have to be parked in the same spot on the lot without moving, for an extended period (3+ months).

The gentleman I spoke with today was very nice and very informative. He said the Sheriff’s Department has been out to the Bunker Hill Camp because of the complaints about Bandit. Along with many other agencies, including The Health Department.

It looks like we need to go on the commercial aspect of the property. We need proof that 1776 is paying rent. Berkeley County is doing everything it can, so many departments have been out to Bunker Hill. The owner has told them that 1776 is not paying rent.

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