Get Out OF West Virginia 1776 Restoration Movement

1776 Restoration Movement is not what they claim to be: They are a Religious Cult that protects criminals and pedophiles. 

David Riddel (Santa) is nothing more than a cult leader. He believes anything anybody says as long as they believe in him.

1776RM has spent the last 28 days hanging out in lawn chairs, playing corn hole, and sleeping in their vehicles at the National Mall. This is their form of peaceful protesting.

Multiple members have been arrested since they formed about 2 months ago. The arrest have included: disrupting the public, blocking roadways, not obeying a lawful order, and assault. These are just a few.

They have been violent toward counter-protesters, one member, a part of their security team, Crystal pepper-sprayed a counter-protester that was backing away at the moment she assaulted him. This was NOT a case of self-defense because he was not threatening her, she had at least 4 other members of the security team with her, and the police were right there in their car. Which is what led to her arrest. This was video live on the live stream.

Their Base Camp is in Bunker Hill. 

Bunker Hill is where they have housed Violent Sex Offenders and a Pedophile. They have gone as far as to say the violent sex offender is a mortar.

It’s alleged that one of the higher-up leaders rape a woman, during one of their cross country convoy.s.

There is a video of a child locked in a cage at night. Police checked out the allegations during the day. Of course, nothing was found. It was after the fact. They have had CPS called on them multiple times because of the way the children are being taken care of.

This group is being funded by Grifting.

We need to beware of what going on here in Berkeley County. They are camping out at the Bunker Hill Camp, on the lot between Patriot Fireworks and old the Car Auction. This is their base camp and hideout for the ones they don’t want to take with them to DC.

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