Dating in the 21st Century.

Searching For Love

The way we find a mate has changed so much. We do not meet our compatible mates in public anymore. People do not seem to want to talk to each other in public. Once and a while, you might get the weirdo that will say hi to you. You could even run into a weirdo like me and have a stranger SMILE at you, maybe even giving that little nod to say hello.

How do we meet people now? There are options. You could date one of your friends. Blind dates are possible. You could date someone you work with. Then there are the dreaded dating apps.

Dating you friend

You could date one of your friends. It could work. The biggest question you must ask yourself: “Is this worth risking this friendship”? My experience is that I ended up losing my friend. When we broke up he didn’t want to be around me anymore. It was too hard on him seeing me dating other men.

Also, some friends become “Friends with Benefits”. Not techinically in a relationship, you are just hooking up to satisfy each others needs. This could work to release built up tensions. Then agian, you could start getting romantic feelings about your friend. That could lead you to wanting your friend to be with just you. Then you realize that your will only be able to have him in your bed, because he is still going on dates trying to find his perfect partner. That would mean to him you are not the perfect woman to him.

Blind Dates

Would you let your family and friends try to hook you up with someone? There are consequences of this one too. You are going out with someone, those closest to you think is good enough for you. They could be one of their other friends, a relative, or friend of a friend. Next, what happens when you break up? Most families love you no matter what. Also, don’t break up because you did something wrong, you may never live it down. Your friend may decide to stick by their other friend, you could lose your friend over a break.

Work Romances

Dating a coworker at the workplace could be very convenient. They spend time together every day. They get to know each other and then he/she becomes more than just a coworker. We spend most of our time working and sleeping. There is little time to do much else these days.

What’s the negative side of this? Most companies have polices against interoffice relationships or someone dating someone they supervise. Workplace romances can bring a lot of tension in to the workplace. If the couple have an argument before work, they bring that into the workplace. If either of them still has feelings for the other after a breakup, seeing them everyday may just be to hard for them. Coworkers could pick sides. All in all, it can become were awarkward at work. In the long run, someone may to have to give up their job.

I was once told, “Never get your honey, where you get your money”.

Online Dating

There are so many dating apps to choose from. Most allow The user to put a nice profile about themselves, so a potential partner can know more about them. So how does it works?

First there was Match was the first dating site on the internet. One of the first free dating apps was Plenty of Fish POF. You could try using Craiglist, but the dating section was shut down because of all the prositution on it. Tinder was the first hooking-up app, now there are some looking for love. Bumble allows the lady to choose who gets to talk to her. Grinder is for gay men. Facebook now has a Dating section. Many of the dating apps seem free but they too reel you in to get your money.

After you chose which Dating App you will be using, you upload your best pictures. Then you create a profile that will make others want to be with you. Then you go through and swipe right for the ones that look good to you and left for the ones you are not attracted to. Yes, it is based on how good you look. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

If you match you started texting back on for worth. You get a chance to know a lot more about that person. this all sounds great. Hopefully aren’t just telling you what they think you want to hear.

Some of those attractive pictures may be filters, from 10 years ago, or not even theirs. There are those that will lie about their age. Others will say they are looking for a relationship, just to get with someone that is lonely and looking for true love. They reel them in saying what they want to hear. In the end all they wanted was to conquest or just to satisfy their physical needs.

There are legitimate people on these apps but there are catfish and scammers Scammers most like are from different countries trying to get money or a green card. Most of them use pictures of models or US soldiers. Catfish use a picture of someone else and they are not as obvious. They are mostly lonely hearts that don’t think anyone would want them for who they really are. They would be someone playing a trick.

If you use Dating Apps just be safe. You never who really is behind the pictures.