Just Not Feeling It

Votive left foot in sandal and bearing relief head (votive foot)

Lately, I just do not felt as happy as I normally do.

Back in January, while at work, I broke my foot. I have had to stay on light duty until my foot completely heals. I will not risk re-injuring my foot trying to: break up a fight, keep a child from self-harming themselves, run after a child that’s trying to elope, or do any of the many things we do to protect the children where I work. It’s not an line of work. See I work at a residental treatment center for children with disabilities and mental illness.

It has been extremely frustrating for me. I am the type that likes to work. I have been sitting in the lobby answering phones and assisting those that come in. There is so much downtime. Staying busy is important to me.

To fill my downtime I help anyone in the organization. I have also taken numerous training classes offered online by the organization. Over 100 have focused on Case Management and Behavioral Health.

Now I have started looking for work elsewhere. I’ve been focusing on all types of career paths that interest me. I’m a problem-solver so this problem of mine will be solved.