1776 Restoration Movement Rally 6/5/223

It’s a hot one. I can’t tell how many are here this time. Most are sitting in whatever shade they can find to stay out of the Sun.

From 4pm to 5pm set aside for people to each the food provided by the movement.

WV Senator Patricia Rucker. Bill of Rights 9th Amendment. She says we have a right to make our own natural right. Please s we have the right to make bad mistakes. Government should make the Rules. Drunk drinking, tell you how to raise your kids.. No Rules.. No laws

Jan from Winchester sung “Glory Glory Halualua. next she sung with her granddaughter from WV. Her granddaughter had an awesome voice.

Next up Big D. Talking about giving. Everyone need to give everything up too. He’s not quitting until the fight is over. He talked about the family he’s made here. He said they need millions to show up to accomplish the mission.

Auction time. There was a drawing that went $350

There was more singing, she has a very pretty voice.

Next up the winners of the silent auction.

Lastly Convoy Santa. He was really preaching today. David and Goliath. David is Santa and his helpers, . Goliath is the Government.

He went tell Biden that his plane and weapons are not enough to defeat Santa and the Movement. He say they have a white flag waving, because they want to talk.