1776 Restoration Movement Rally

The rally was last Saturday, May 28th, 2022 from 12pm to 5pm. I almost stayed home because I just wasn’t feeling it, but I went. They were at the location I thought they were at, Patriots Fireworks Store. This is when I also realized that the car auction place went out of business. I had bought some pretty decent cares from that auction.

It wasn’t until about 1 pm I finally arrived at the rally. I took all the back roads to get there. Now, I don’t live that far, but I was going to make sure I enjoyed the $5 worth of gas. My car missed the first entrance, but I knew there was a second one, so I took that one. I drove in slowly, looking for signs. I stopped to I asked the guy parked along the fence where you’re supposed to park and he said inside the gate, so in I went.

Here we go, driving in. Now, where the hell do I park? There were no signs, no one telling you where to park. This sucked majorly. I like to know where I am going. I drove all the way to the back, next to 81, and there wasn’t any designated parking. Why did this bother me? This is their home away from home and I don’t want to park in anyone’s driveway. I ended up finding a spot towards the end of the row. The “School Bus” was across from me. I grabbed my camera & phone and off I went.

I walk the length of the parking lot and around the corner and back towards the gate. I have to say the first thing I saw was my favorite thing there.

The crowd was full of most Gen X’s, a couple of Bloomers, and a few Millennials.

They had speakers, mostly speaking about the Constitution. How the Constitution needed to be restored, so we can have our FREEDOMS back. There was also an auction to raise funds for the movement.

They provided lunch: hot dogs, hamburgers, spaghetti, salad, fresh fruit, and cake. While lunch was free, they had a donations container at the end of the table.

During lunch, there was a guy singing. I think he was a preacher out of Gerrardstown.

Then it was back to the speakers. Everyone was cheering when the firetruck showed up. I have to say when the firetruck is on the TV, I turn the volume down. Unfortunately, I could not turn it down there.

The rally ended about 5:30pm and it was time to go.

My take on the Rally.

To each their own. I really learned nothing new. I already knew this group movement had to deal with the Constitution and that they felt they have lost some rights that are in the Constitution. This group wants to get rid of our government.

You will fit in if you think the election was stolen, believe the COVID vaccine is bad, believe the Qanon conspiracy theories, are a Republican, and are a bible thumper.

All the pictures.