My Not So Scary Blair Witch Story..

In the summer of 1999, I was 26 and pregnant with Jarrett, my third child. My (Ex) husband, Tony and I decided we would go to the movies that night. We stood in the long line looking at all the new and coming soon movie posters. I like scary movies, so The Blair Witch poster intrigued me because it looks like it’s about a true story. We were there to see a different movie. Heck, I don’t even remember what the name of the movie was, but it could have been Runaway Bride. Whichever one it was; I sold it out.

So we watched The Blair Witch Project. Now I knew nothing about this movie. I had never seen a trailer or even heard about the movie. One thing I had seen was the movie poster:

We got some popcorn and soda. I had to feed the baby in my tummy. We always sat in the 2nd or 3rd row from the screen.

Lights dim, the credits roll, then the Movie starts.

Wow, this is totally different. They were actually showing the footage they had found. This is just like a documentary.

Further into the movie, Burkittsville? Wait, I know that town. I have been there often. When Tony and I were dating, I lived with my Aunt Jo about in Brunswick, 6 miles from Burkittsville.

Now I’m spellbound by this movie.

Wait, that spot where they just parked to go into the woods. I have been there.

I parked there with Tony when we were teenagers. It was the first time I listened to Meatloaf. I really like the Bat out of Hell Album, especially “Paradise by the Dashboard Lights”. This is also where Tony tried to teach me to drive his Mustang. Except I crashed into a fence because he forgot to tell me how to drive a stick shift.

Basically, the shit just got real!! I had walked those woods they just entered. There’s a cool lean-to deep in the woods. What the hell. There’s a witch in there killing people. I can’t believe this.

It mesmerized me for the rest of the movie. I just never realized the dangers in that area. WOW, they were lost in the woods for 5 days. I also didn’t realize the woods were that big.

So, at the end of the movie, I say something to Tony about how I can’t believe they showed the actual footage, and it was where we had parked to make out as teenagers. Of course, he looked at me and said “It’s not real”. It is not real? Damn It!!

Only a few scenes were shot in Burkittsville. My imagination played tricks on me. They did not even go up to the make-out spot. The Appalachian Trail goes through there. It would be hard to get lost for 5 days without coming across a farmer’s field.

But yeah… I fell for it. I really thought it was a True Story.