Abortions vs Guns

If abortions are bad because they are used to Kill the Innocent, then guns are bad because they are also used to Kill the Innocent.

I believe abortion should be legal. I feel that women should be able to make that choice.

I feel that when a woman is raped, they should not force her to have the baby. Forcing her to go through with the pregnancy will cause her to relive the trauma for 9 months she is forced to carry her victims baby. Why is it okay to punish the victim.

I believe in the case of incest, abortion should be allowed. There are major medical complications that arise when two closely related people have a baby. They may not find out until after it’s too late and they meet each other’s parents. It could also be two siblings, two cousins that become close.

Then there are medical reasons. When you only allow for a narrow amount of medical reasons, you limit a woman’s choice to protect her own health and mental well-being.

Now I have been told by those who are pro-life that few women get abortions because of rape. I like to remind these individuals that only 1/3 of all rapes are ever reported. They would say the reasons I gave are not good reasons to keep abortions legal. Most will even say that if their young daughter/granddaughter were raped, they would have her go through with the pregnancy. I truly believe that they just might change their mind if this really happened.

If we make abortion illegal, then I say we must Make Owning A Gun Illegal. Some may use them to hunt and some may use them for protection. The concerning part is the large number of people using guns commit many homicides and crimes. Young children are being shot and killed.

I am not against guns, but if you’re going to say we need to make this illegal because some may use it in a way you don’t agree with. You can’t be blind to the misuse of guns.

So if you want to call for making abortion illegal even though it is necessary for some, then we should also make guns illegal. It could be said that they are both used to kill the innocent. You cannot just have your way.