Darting Cat!!

Tonight Smoke decided he’d bring a friend home. Then they get into a fight in the kitchen, that’s when Justice and I found out about Smoke bringing home a friend. Justice was not happy at all, nobody messes with his Smoke. Next thing you know this black and white cat is darting around the kitchen, the hallway, My bedroom, jumping on my bed, then on top of my shelf, back down again and into the corner behind the table.

I open the window with hopes he’d go out the window. I try treats, Sadé tries to be friendly with it and gets scratched. I get the broom, and try getting him out window. Not hurting it, trying to make come out, and he goes darting around my room.

I decide Justice needs to come in my room… out the window the cat goes.

Smoke is now on restriction for bringing another cat home and fighting in the house. He only gets treats 3 times a day and can only go outside to use the bathroom, then it’s back inside the house.