Journaling As Therapy……

Everytime I starting writing on here its seems to be a way to save my sanity. Then I quit.

My new therapist asked me yesterday if I ever journal and the true is: I start, then I stop. Last post was almost a year ago.

So here I go agian. I will trying to write more then just a couple times a year.

Now why make it public? Why put it on the web? Why NOT?

The truth is I am in the shadows. I am the person that can be there and no one will ever notice. I make myself this way. I do not like attention at all. I would rather be in the shadow then in the sunlight.

When your not noticed then now takes the time to get to know and you can’t get hurt.

When you seem to get hurt by all those you let in your bubble, you will have problems letting others into that bubble for of it getting popped agian.

Now when you don’t let others in your bubble, that bubble gets smaller. You feel closed in and lonely.

The trick is to find a way to be able to trust again. You can make your bubbles liner stronger, maybe a little on guard, but still willing to try agian.