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Do we live in a world of double standards?



I allow my Granddaughter to play with my tools, Jarrett’s Trucks & Car. I also, have told her I will take her fishing this summer. This was right after she found my PINK fishing pole. I have no limits for my granddaughter. If she wanted to learn to play baseball or football, outside we would go. I just want her to be a strong woman that knows she is capable of doing anything a man can do. Just like me.

But, now what if I had a Grandson. Would I let him play with Baby Dolls and Makeup? I know I would let him play with my stuffed animals, pots and pans without not problem. I’d cook and bake with him, teach him basic things all men should know how to do for themselves. Such as teach him how to do the laundry and clean house.

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