Fearing Ones Own Political Party

Take A Moment and Reflect on the difference between 1/19/2021 and 1/19/2017


Popular Vote didn’t matter; it came down to the Electoral Votes.


Electoral Votes don’t matter, it’s more about the Popular Vote.

Let’s get real, I bet my last dollar that there was voter fraud on both sides.

You don’t really think that the Republicans that got mail ballots didn’t send them in for a dead person, rather than just throwing them away? I know some that would throw it away. I also know many that would fill that thing out the moment it came in, then put it right in the mailbox.

No one is better than anyone else. It was a crazy election and a crazier year.

I got a text today. Telling me that if I need a “safe place” to go before and after the Inauguration and after Trump’s Impeachment, I could stay with them.

Do Republicans expect their own fellow Republicans to get that violent? To fear your own safety because of the actions of fellow party members, just doesn’t seem okay to me.

If so, wouldn’t you think Republicans would go after the Blue States, not the Red States?